Crockett Long Rifle

(Four Generations)
(1) Samuel Crockett (1694 - 1749)
        (2) Lt. Andrew Crockett (1745 - 1821)
      (3) Samuel Crockett III (1772 - 1827)
      (4) Andrew Crockett III (1793 - 1852)


Kings Mountain

The war wasn't going so well for either the Patriots or the British in the northern colonies. British General Cornwallis was ordered to South Carolina where he won some engagements. With Major Patrick Ferguson in charge of 1,100 loyalists. Ferguson vowed to "hang the rebel leaders and lay their country waste with fire and sword. The ultimatum: lay down your arms or suffer the consequences.

Well, these overmountain men had their rifles, their land, and their freedom and they were NOT surrendering to Major Ferguson. The call went out.

The Patriots numbered about 1,300. They chose their leaders, among whom were John Sevier and Isaac Shelby. They selected the 900 best horses and the 900 best marksmen and took off in pursuit of Major Ferguson's troops who took possession of Kings Mountain just south of the North Carolina border.

The sharpshooters with their rifles stayed their distance, picking off leaders and loyalists and won the day. Thomas Jefferson considered the Battle of King's Mountain to be the turning point of the war.

Some of the Virginia militia were deployed
to western areas to avert backdoor attacks.

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